What to expect when an appraiser comes to your home.

When the appraiser arrives at your property she will first introduce and identify herself and take a quick assessment of the exterior finishing materials. The appraisal will bring along a clipboard, digital camera and one or more measuring devices. The appraiser will typically start of the front entrance or from the basement and work her way through each area of the home collecting data on the foundation, heating and air conditioning systems, electric service (amperes/fuse/circuit breakers), finishing materials, cabinetry, and special features, including fireplaces, built-ins, custom mill work, built-in appliances, windows, fixtures, basement egress, etc. The materials used in the home and their condition are important considerations when conducting market value appraisals. The appraiser will take exterior and interior photographs to capture all exterior sides of the dwelling, kitchen(s), all bathrooms, living area, finished basement and any special features or items of deferred maintenance for the appraisal report and to aid in the valuation process.

Be prepared to answer the following questions to help the appraiser better understand the property’s upkeep and time of renovations and/or upgrades.

  1. When was the kitchen last updated/renovated?  What was done.
  2. When was the bathroom(s) last updated/renovated? What was done.
  3. How old is your roof?
  4. How old is your furnace/central air condenser unit?
  5. What updates or renovations have been completed? When? Some examples: Installed or refinished hardwood flooring; other flooring (carpet, tile); replacement windows; installed vinyl siding;built garage or outbuilding.
  6. What is the size of your in-ground pool?
  7. If any additions – Completion date and were you issued a Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance from the local building department? ?When?
  8.  If you have well and/or septic system. Be ready to show the appraiser where each system is location, the type and depth of the well and type and age of the septic system.
  9. Provide information about water filtration and clarification systems and if water softener systems are owned or rented.
  10. If income producing property provide leases, rents, tenant/landlord paid expenses and landlord’s operating expenses.
  11. Length of time unit has been occupied or vacant.

Any questions about what to expect during the appraisal inspection for the valuation of your home and real estate property please call Marge Dennis on her mobile phone at (518)424-2662.